Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hoists for Lifting and Moving People

I-transia hoist system
I-Transia hoist system in use
I-transia hoist system on gantry
I-Transia hoist on XY gantry
When people are unable to move from bed to chair to bathing facilities unaided, a reliable hoist may be the best solution, saving time and discomfort for patients and carers. There are a number of solutions – both portable and fixed, ceiling mounted hoists.

Classic Mobility supplies and installs the Invacare I-Transia hoist, cost effective for community and residential care. It is primarily a ceiling hoist, designed for daily use by carers, enabling transfers of patients and residents to be carried out with the minimum of fuss or physical effort - quickly, safely and comfortably.

Comprised of a ceiling hoist and gantry rails, the range of hoist solutions includes: room covering axis system, single track, or free standing gantry, depending whether flexibility of location or permanent solutions are the top priority.

The free standing gantry takes only minutes to assemble and dismantle; adjustable from 2.02m to 2.82m for movement of up to 2.5m. It has a maximum outside length of 3.89m and a maximum handling capacity of 250kg (39 stone).

The single track gantry rail can be fixed to the ceiling (max. 4m length) or a wall (max. 3.5m) for use with the appropriate hoist (maximum weight 205kg / 32 stone). The “XY” rail system comprises one rail fixed to a ceiling with a second rail that crosses at right-angles, traversing the length of both rails, providing full access to all areas of the room.

Hoists are available to carry up to 205kg or 250kg. Features include easy charging and snap-hook attachment plus emergency lowering and stop system. Classic Mobility will gladly discuss your patient moving and handling requirements and provide you with a quotation. Please telephone 01438 861732 during office hours.

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